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TEP Compact is an innovative, flexible and dynamic online training programme. The theory is founded on real situations explained by experts currently active in different regions and services around the world. It offers a global perspective based on lessons learnt and many years of experience to reinforce basic knowledge, combining training and experience into know-how to enable a well-bfounded choice of more efficient and safer manoeuvres.

TEP Compact is an introduction to the process of obtaining a global view of wildfires to generate reasoning for an efficient and safe operation response through tactical analyses.

This program consists of the following modules:

1.- I have a problem called wildland fire.
2.- Understanding the fire, from the flames to the wildfire.
3.- Introduction to the toolbox: operations.
4.- Going from operations to tactical thinking.
5.- Resolution of real case scenarios.
6.- Tactics and strategies in WUI.

You have 6 months to complete the course starting from the registration date.

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  • Strengthen comprehension of different scenarios through tactical analysis of wildfires.
  • Introduction to “toolbox” concept and strengthen the know-how to select the most efficient and safe operations accordingly.
  • Strengthen reading of wildfires and operation reasoning.
  • Analysis of real-life case scenarios to show the tactical architecture employed for successful resolution.
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Your classes

50% theory classes. Wildland firefighting methods and strategies. New terminology and fire behavior studies.

30% real fire case studies. Analysis of real wildland fire case studies and extinguishing methods.

20% new products. Knowledge of innovative firefighting products.

  • Conversations with successful professionals
  • Downloadable materials
  • Assessment tests

A progressive program

It’s a progress/assessment program: to do the full TEP Program, you must go about unlocking the classes.

You’ll pass each class after doing the assessment test found at the end of every one.

The Program is comprised of modules, blocks and classes that adapt to the different content needs in each phase.

Our Programs

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