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A team made up of

The best professionals

A team made up of

The most up-to-date content

Get a global vision with real cases

The most up-to-date content

learn at your own pace

Classes of 15 minutes a day with evaluation test

learn at your own pace

Do not let anything stop you. A program adapted to your pocket

From €180

Do not let anything stop you. A program adapted to your pocket

What will you learn?

The vision with which the great wildfires have been faced during the last 30 years has become obsolete. We need to provide knowledge and capacity for action and decision to our entire group.

The teams involved are faced with new threats that they have to face with hardly any time to update their knowledge to respond to these situations.

With this Program, you will be able to expand your knowledge and improve your skills to be able to face today's fires and make a qualitative leap in your capacity for action and decision to successfully fulfill your mission in your field within the sector.

How much do you know about Wildfires?

Test yourself

Mercedes Bachfischer

International Wildfire Data analyst

TEP Researcher


Borja Ruiz

Tactical Analyst

TEP Content creator, Volunteer Firefighter and Assistant Technician of GRAF Planning Division


Juan Bautista García Ejido

International Specialist in Heavy Machinery usage in Firefighting

Head of Wildland Fire Suppression Department GEACAM


Professional team

Train from the hand of nationally and internationally recognized experts with experience from different parts of the world, who have been able to understand, adapt and innovate, to respond to new generations of forest fires.

A unique space where you can train through the experience and knowledge of renowned professionals to face the great world problem.

Do you want to be part of the change?

Train with them!

Our programs


Operational Reasoning For Wildland Firefighters

Reading fire behaviour, basic operations and safety in wildfires

From training firefighters to simply respond, we’ve evolved to needing firefighters who can think. The global wildland fire challenge requires us to update and enhance our knowledge and know-how, and in particular for firefighters to engage in more efficient and safer manoeuvres. We need firefighters that can reason, that are capable of reading and understanding the unfolding scenarios, that can consider what they are doing and how their actions affect others.

  • Wildland firefighters
  • 20 Hours
  • 41 Online sessions
  • 12 Experts
  • Test and exercises
  • TEP’s Certificate


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With this flexible program, you’ll learn the essential language with a global vision to get deep into this world of wildland fire analysis to be able to apply it in real life.

You’ll understand what’s going on in wildland fires today and come to understand the different choices you have in a single situation.

Aimed at people who want to adapt to the new dimensions of fire with a global perspective.

  • Officer, tactical and strategical advisors
  • + 40 classes
  • + 15 real case studies
  • + 20 experts
  • At your own pace
  • 20 minutes a day
  • Downloadable materials
  • Continuous assessment
  • TEP’s Certificate


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The best option

From any device


From any device

Online training

Take advantage of any time of the day and do the program from anywhere, at the time you choose and with the device that best suits your needs.

Microlearning and evaluation system


Microlearning and evaluation system

15 minutes per class

We know you have little time. With only 15-20 minutes a day you will be able to absorb all the content of the course without any problem. During the Program you will take different evaluation tests to test your knowledge.

Personal and Innovative


Personal and Innovative

Free organization

A flexible program that adapts to your rhythm, with the most up-to-date content and from the best and recognized experts in the sector.

Economic and quality


Economic and quality

From 180€

Innovation allows us to offer more value at a lower cost. That the price is never an obstacle. Reach your goals!

Do you still have doubts?


Universidad de Lleida
Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Montes
Pau Costa Fundation
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/ Wildland firefighter
/ Fire analysts
/ Pilots and advisory technicians




/ Urban firefighters
/ Instructors
/ Operation Coordinators




/ Researchers – University
/ Journalists – Informants
/ Ingenieros – Técnicos forestales

What is your situation?

The wave of fires that runs through the planet has a role of renewal and change. Being an ultra-up-to-date and highly trained expert in emergencies allows you to respond to major fires.

We know that there are several profiles depending on the professional field you come from and the goals you want to achieve.

We are prepared to give you an excellent and renewed training that adapts to your field.

From maneuvering to strategies for the common good, applying the optimal and appropriate tactics.

How can we help you?

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